Research and services offered by Soil Surveys Group Inc.

We have a list of what you will likely find us doing…


Geotechnical Engineering

  • Subsurface exploration and testing
  • Retaining wall and pavement design criteria
  • Stormwater and septic system testing and analysis
  • Sub-grade and material evaluation

Special Inspections And Field Testing

  • Foundation excavation and grading observation
  • Helical anchor installation observation
  • Aggregate, asphalt, and soils compaction testing
  • Sand-Cone testing (ASTM D1556)
  • Nuclear gauge testing (ASTM D6938)

Laboratory Testing

  • Soil and aggregate compaction curve (ASTM D1557)
  • Sieve analysis (ASTM D421, ASTM D422)
  • Sand equivalent testing (CT 217)
  • Plasticity index (ASTM D4318)
  • Fine, course durability index (CT 229)


Geotechnical and Geological Investigations

Our rough and diverse tricounty area will call for us to work around specific obstacles in the land. Surveying through these areas allows us to better avoid or extract for a smoother and less challenging process. Depending on the land that is in preparation for development, our certified engineering technicians will work in order to provide an outline and plan for the geotechnical aspect of your development. This may begin with subsurface exploration.

Our work
geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical Engineering And System Design

Belinda Taluban, CEO and lead licensed professional engineer, offers 25 years of civil engineering leadership for our staff at Soil Surveys. She applies her engineering expertise when working and consulting with clients.

soil survey technician

Laboratory Testing, Research And Services

Serving all over Monterey County, our technicians are certified to perform soil testing to confirm the action and decision our engineers need for the project.