Building from the ground up…

We are honored to have licensed experts and ready technicians working on our staff every day.

Our History

Established in 1975, we are keen on our process and procedure in both the field and the lab. With every project, we look to reduce costs and provide the best quality services that our clients can receive. Soil Surveys Group Inc. is a world class engineering firm working in one of the most beautiful localities in the world: the Central Coast of California. This includes Salinas, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Hollister, Gilroy, and other surrounding areas.

Our 40 years of geotechnical engineering, design, and oversight speaks loudly for our firm. Our time and experience in the industry doing residential and commercial projects guides our process and procedures today. We are comfortable to say, we will guarantee lower costs and higher quality service provision for good business. Soil Surveys Group Inc. is with you for all your geotechnical needs; high-quality service begins with an initial consultation and it finishes only after the client’s project is complete.