Soil Surveys Group Inc. Geotechnical Engineering and Services

Monterey County’s Local Geotechnical Engineering Firm

Soil Surveys Group Inc. is a locally owned and operated geotechnical engineering firm. Our only office is located in Salinas, CA. Soil Surveys Group Inc. has been in the geotechnical engineering business for over 45 years. Being in Monterey County we are faced with numerous soils, terrain conditions, and building scenarios. Our office is located in the heart of Monterey County so we are able to service projects in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties. We offer the geotechnical engineering services you are looking for and need, to open the door to the next phase of development.

Soil Surveys Group Inc.’s team of engineers and engineering and lab technicians are highly qualified and carry out their work professionally. We recognize the value of each and every one of our clients. Every project is done diligently and our procedure is committed throughout and going forward with the last steps. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Build for the future.

Every project we look for ways to reduce cost while still providing the best possible experience for our clients. This means tight communication within our employee group along with the other contractors and engineers on the building site.